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We want to empower young Singaporeans to make smarter financial decisions!

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Whether it's our colleagues or the users we serve, we believe in treating each other with care and respect.

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The only route to success is if we all do it together, it's never an individual's effort alone.

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The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Rd

Business marketing


"Everyone in Seedly is intelligent and competent so collaborating with them pushes me to stay challenged at work. I also see many more opportunities to learn and grow within and outside of my team.

Being in this startup environment, it’s great how I’ve been provided sufficient trust, flexibility and autonomy to fulfil my goals. The heartwarming part is how everyone is encouraging and always ready to lend a helping a hand!

P.S. we have cold milo!!"

Frontend software engineer


"Seedly empowers me to be more independent and wear multiple hats. I feel motivated as I help many Singaporeans make better financial decisions.

There's really cool office facilities as well like the standing desks and good food around the area!
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